Vinha do Convento

It can be said of a vineyard that it is lush, new, old, or, it has a terroir that gives its wines unique characteristics or, it can be summed up to: Falua has one of the most beautiful vineyards in Portugal.


The Tejo Region

Snaking between valleys and mountains, the Tejo River divides our country between north and south.

Amidst the more temperate and rainy weather of our region and the warmer weather of the endless Alentejo plains, “The Tejo goes to the World”, as the great and immortal poet Fernando Pessoa used to say. This river is also expected to bring water that satiates its soil’s thirst and makes our vineyards drink the nutrients they need to give us exceptional vintages.

The different terroirs that we find within the Tejo Region, make it in fact, a very rich region, capable of producing a great diversity of high-quality wines.

The Tejo River, which crosses the entire Region, has a major impact on the region’s soil and climatic conditions, dividing it into three very distinct zones. Bairro sub-region is located on the right bank of the Tejo River, west of Campo / Lezíria, its soils are essentially clay-limestone. Campo / Lezíria sub-region, is a plains area along both banks of the Tejo River, its alluvial soils are extremely fertile. The Charneca sub-region is located on the left bank of the Tejo River, just after Campo / Lezíria, composed of poorer, essentially sandy soils, with pebble stones. It is a drier area where normally higher temperatures are reached.


A unique terroir

Most of the Falua vineyards are located in Charneca, the rest are located in Campo / Lezíria.

Vinha do Convento

In the iconic Vinha do Convento, vines are planted among pebble stones, in an emblematic terroir that tells a 400 thousand years old story.

Located in the Charneca area, it is an improbable extension of pebble stones, topping a soft hill, quite far from the Tejo river. The truth is that, in geological terms, this elevation was part of the Tejo riverbed and that since then the pebbles have remained here, forming a several meters thick layer, combined with sand.
Arinto, Fernão Pires, Castelão, Touriga Nacional, Aragonez, Trincadeira, Cabernet Sauvignon and Alicante Bouschet are grown in this 45-hectare vineyard.

Vinha do casal das figueiras

Is situated in a plain, along the banks of the Tejo River, in the municipality of Almeirim. This 25-hectare vineyard is located in the Campo / Lezíria sub-region, where Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot, Castelão and Trincadeira Preta varieties are grown.

Vinha da herdade dos fidalgos

This 31-hectare vineyard, located in the sub-region of Charneca, near Branca, a small village in the municipality of Coruche, is where the varieties Touriga Nacional, Touriga Franca, Syrah, Alicante Bouschet, Aragonez and Sauvignon Blanc are developed.

Falua Vindimas Setembro 2020_0350_01

The Winery

Between the gloom and the controlled temperature of our barrel room and our modern cellar, where stainless steel and the most modern techniques in wine production coexist with the most ancient techniques.

Falua is proud to have at its disposal all the weapons and arts for the design of unique and high-quality wines.
In our cellar we have the most modern techniques in wine production.
A place where science and professionalism come together with ancient knowledge to create unique wines.

Vinhos do Tejo

Wines that reveal the essence of the terroir

Conde Vimioso

Historical legacy

The Conde Vimioso range is a seal of historical legacy, whose wines assume their own identity. The combination of indigenous with international grape varieties gives birth to enriching experiences based on the character of the terroir and experience, in close articulation with innovation and ambition.


Differentiated ranges

Falua Reserva Unoaked is a distinct option to showcase the natural excellence of the grape varieties and the purity of the unique terroir of the Vinha do Convento da Serra. The Falua Two Grapes unveil wines created from two grape varieties, which show the balance and elegance of a blend naturally designed to surprise in shades of white, red and rosé.

Nazare North Canyon

Celebrate giant waves

To celebrate the giant waves of Nazaré, the sea and the surfers, Falua created the Nazare North Canyon wine in 2017. A wine for the daring, for nature, sea and surf lovers; a wine for those who have the fury to live, the same fury as the giant waves of Praia do Norte.