Falua is synonymous with a journey through wine, as an ambassador for Portugal around the world.

Falua was founded in 1994 with the aim of asserting itself as a reference in the production of wines from the Tejo region and which quickly grew to other regions. 

In 2017, VITAS Portugal – a subsidiary of the Roullier Group present in our country since 1994 – acquired Falua.

The Roullier Group’s interest in Falua’s activity originated from the idea of creating a gateway to the global wine market. 

With more than 25 years of history in the national and international markets, Falua has a vast portfolio spread throughout the world.

since the origins

Living wine with passion, wisdom, knowledge and rebellion

Live the wine with passion. With wisdom. With knowledge and also with some rebelliousness, so that new paths can be found for centenary knowledge.

The combination of native varieties with foreign ones gives rise to enriching experiences, based on the character of the terroir and accumulated know-how, in close link with innovation and ambition. 

They are not just wines, but pieces of a story that is revealed in each bottle.
sala de barricas


Not only mother nature can be left to care for our wines.

Wise hands treat the vines with care and skill. In preparation, in pruning, in trimming, in treatment throughout the year. Everything so that Spring sees the first flowers appear and from there result the bunches that will give us the raw material so that in the harvest the smiles are torn by the confidence in the quality of the grape. Because not only mother nature can be left to care for our vineyards.

In the Cellar our day-to-day life is divided between samples from barrels and our tasting room, where the best combinations of aromas and flavours for Falua wines, are sought for.