Projects that celebrate quality and differentiation.

The emerging challenge that the wine sector faces in the scope of sustainability is the engine of innovation for companies like Falua, which dedicates its attention to agricultural management and development oriented towards the conscious use of natural resources, in a close relationship of respect for nature.

Oriented in three aspects – environmental, economic, and social – sustainability is a commitment of Falua, with the grape production undergoing a minimal intervention in the use of treatments for the control of pests and diseases.

In its Mission, Falua wants to assert itself as a reference for Portuguese wines worldwide, highlighting the historical nature of the different terroirs and developing oenology projects that celebrate quality and differentiation.

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Roullier Group

The Roullier Group had its origin in Saint-Malo - Brittany region - France, in 1959.

The teams of the Roullier Group respond to the real needs coming from the land, for a modern and sustainable agriculture.

Leading company in Plant and Animal Nutrition for more than 60 years, the Roullier Group constantly develops its ‘expertise’ and its competences. With Vegetable Nutrition representing more than two thirds of its turnover, the Group has a portfolio of diversified activities, including numerous products and services for the industry, as well as a hub in the Agro-Food Industry.
Specialists in our respective fields of activity, our different branches are characterized by solid industrial capital, as well as their ability to innovate.

 Our motto is: “So that the Earth and Men produce the best”.
Created in 1994, Vitas Portugal is the subsidiary of the Roullier Group in our country.